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Bringing Netflix to your television screen

Watching cable with surround sound is great, but what about watching streaming Netflix movies with the audio quality that was intended? There are a few different choices for viewers wanting to take Netflix’s streaming capabilities from their computer to their television screen.The first is streaming video players, the most notable of which is now Apple TV. Other companies offering similar products are Roku, Seagate, and Western Digital. All these devices do is stream content to your televisionthey don’t offer any sort of storage, as other systems do, but then that isn’t necessary for the Netflix streaming option.Video game consoles, however, can store content, in addition to some other obvious features. The Xbox 360 is the only console that requires an extra financial investment (you need to upgrade to Xbox Live Gold), and also requires a Netflix disc. The PS3 and Wii both offer disc-free streaming, although the Wii doesn’t display high-def video.iOS devices (iPhone 4 and iPad) can be connected to a television screen with a cheap Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, offered by Apple for 29. You will have to sacrifice some resolution for this financial benefitvideo quality is limited to 640 by 480 output. Still, if you’ve already shelled out the money for one of these devices, the low price point might be attractive enough to make you put up with the squinting (just kiddingyou’ll still be able to see everything, just a little softer). Computers can also be directly connected to the televisionif your computer has an HDMI port, all you’ll need is an HDMI adapter. Other models will require an HDMI adapter.Networking is the final option for Netflix streaming on TV, with your choice of device: either Blu-ray players or televisions themselves. Internet-connected devices are all the rage today, and although you may pay a little extra for the privilege of not having to hook up any other devices (you will need a WiFi or Ethernet connection), this option is still a popular and worthwhile choice.

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